Quality Xbox 360
Modfications For You!

What we offer


RGH/Jtag Sendins

Already have a exploitable 360 arround? Send it in to us so we can RGH it for you!

Premodded Consoles

Want to get a seprate console for modding? We have premoddeds for you!


Brick your console on a update? Have a RGH that wont boot? Send it in for repair!

Why choose us?

Being in the modding scene since 2009. We have plenty of experience, ranging from microsoldering to software setup.

Quality Work

With our professional grade tools and the years of soldering experience, the mod install will not fail.

Fast Support

With support staff in the discord, you will get help with your console ASAP.

Affordable Prices

We set our prices to be affordable, that way you can get your cosnole modded on a budget.



USA Installer


UK Installer

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